Teeth Straightening

At DentalShine, we offer various methods of Teeth Straightening treatments and Orthodontic care

What is Orthodontic care?

Orthodontic treatments involve the straightening and aligning of your teeth. We do this by moving the teeth over time with clear aligners or a fixed brace.

What is involved?

During your consultation, we will explore your options and map out the best treatment journey in achieving the results you want. Some of the options include:

With Nuvola® or Invisalign® treatment, we will create bespoke clear aligners that will move your teeth into the desired position over time. This is a non-invasive alternative to fixed braces. Clear aligners are aesthetic as they are invisible and extremely efficient at the same time.

Starting from £1800 - subject to consultation

Instructions for Retainers

Orthodontic Patient Testimonials

"Clean very well organised and very nice staff... Everyone is very kind..."


Case Studies

nuvola teeth straightening islington beforenuvola teeth straightening islington after
Aris and his amazing team are all lovely and kind, and also very gentle on your teeth. They make going to the dentist actually okay! Been going for years and can't recommend them highly enough.
Reception were awesome, signed me up quick and easy and moved heaven and earth to get an appointment as quick as possible. Dentist was lovely too. My teeth are happy 🦷
Super friendly staff, spoke with Jodie this morning she was so helpful and friendly. Usually with dental places the reception can be quite stern but not here, they’re always willing to help and are so kind!!
Professional and friendly as always