Olubusola Olubajo

Associate Dentist

Associate Dentist

Olubusola Olubajo


I grew up and attended college in North London. From there I went on to complete my dental degree at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Dental Hospital in 2002.

I have worked as an associate across the South East and North East of England in a variety of roles.


Outside my profession I love to dance especially Latin dance styles like Salsa and Samba. 

One of my goals is to travel the world experiencing the difference dance styles in the countries I visit. 

I’m also learning to play the saxophone because I’m a great believer in ” no time is a bad time to learn”.


My passion for dentistry has evolved over the years most especially because of working with patients suffering from dental anxiety and dental phobia for several years.

I was part of a team treating patients with dental phobia and anxiety in sedation clinic and as a result I’m more aware of the level of anxiety and distress that people experience at the thought of having to see a dentist.

My primary focus is to help alleviate this anxiety and help my patients change what they would have seen as a negative experience into a much more positive one.

In addition to working with people with dental anxiety and phobia, I have also developed my skills in providing Invisalign treatment and Mini-Smile makeovers.


Dr Olubusola would be happy and always cheerful to see you Mondays and Wednesdays 9.00 till 18.00