Dr George Kolaitis

Associate Dentist


Dr George Kolaitis


Dr. George qualified from the Dental School of Athens in 2013. In 2015, he moved to the southwest of England, where he worked until recently relocating to London.


Dr. George is enthusiastic about keeping fit and enjoys travelling around the world as much as a nice board game.


Dr George holds a master’s degree in Periodontology from Plymouth University and a postgraduate medical education certificate from Buckingham University.

Georgios has been placing implants since 2017 after completing a Bicon short implant course in Boston, MA. Throughout his career, he has pursued various courses, including an Endodontics course at King’s College and an ethical sales and communication course with Ashley Latter in Manchester. His latest training includes a Nuvola clear aligners course, reflecting his interest in orthodontic treatments.

As a dentist with a special interest in periodontology and implants, George is also skilled in restorative and prosthodontics, making him a well-rounded dental surgeon dedicated to enhancing patients’ lives and quality of life.


Dr George practices as a general practitioner on Mondays and Thursdays each week. Leveraging his expertise in periodontology, stemming from his master’s degree qualification, he provides consultations and treatments for patients with advanced periodontal issues every first Wednesday of the month