Training Day with Kevin Rose

Training Day with Kevin Rose

Improving Patient Communication at Reception

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Kevin Rose, a renowned expert in patient communication at Dentalshine Clinic. The goal was simple, to equip our dental receptionists with essential skills to excel at the front desk.

Kevin emphasised the importance of friendly and empathetic communication, as it shapes patients’ perceptions of our clinic. He shared practical techniques like active listening and conflict resolution for our receptionists.

Understanding Your Requirements as a Patient

A key takeaway was the power of empathy. Kevin highlighted how understanding patients’ feelings can build trust and ease their concerns about dental treatment. The session was interactive and motivating, leaving our team eager to improve patient care.

We’re grateful to Kevin Rose for his guidance, knowing it will make a lasting impact on our patient interactions. This training is a significant step toward creating better experiences for our patients at Dentalshine.

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