A Transformed Smile in Time for Christmas

A Transformed Smile in Time for Christmas

Transforming Smiles at Dentalshine Isington

We are delighted that another patient is pleased with the results of his cosmetic dental work. A transformed smile can have a significant impact on confidence and overall well-being. Enjoy your beautiful new smile, and may it bring you joy during the holiday season and beyond!

Smile Makeover with E-max Crowns

We transformed our patient’s smile by using a special type of crown called E-max crowns, which are made entirely of porcelain. We placed four of these E-max crowns on his front four teeth. This dental procedure helped us correct any issues or imperfections in his front teeth, giving him a more appealing and confident smile. E-max crowns are known for their natural appearance, strength, and durability, so our patient’s new smile not only looks fantastic but is also built to last.

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What are E-max crowns?

E-max crowns are special dental caps that are designed to look and feel just like real teeth. They are made from a strong, natural-looking material. These crowns can help fix teeth that are damaged or don’t look quite right, so you can have a confident and healthy smile. They are known for being tough and can handle the work of chewing and biting, just like your regular teeth. 

E-max crowns are a popular choice, fitting comfortably over your natural tooth with minimal removal of your natural tooth structure. Resulting in a healthy strong smile without too much hassle!

If you want to learn more about E-max crowns or find out if they are the right choice for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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